Actionscript 3 Datastructures

This morning I came across a interesting AS3 implementation of the common known data structures. The download comes with a few interesting classes that can be very helpful on Actionscript projects: - A wrapper Class to store FlashVars to be used in a flash file (acts as a singleton). - A Class to easy manage GET variables from a URL. - A ResultSet Class for using data that is gathered with (for example) Flash Remoting. - Remoting and Javascript Tracker Classes for easy tracking of user actions inside a flash application. - A few Classes that make it easy to handle Flash Remoting calls. - And some other classes to perform calculations on color values and manipulating Date and String objects.

I wasn’t able to play with it yet. But as soon as I got a change I’ll post my experiences here. Especially integrating these data structures with PureMVC applications.