Diving into iPhone Development

As a developer with some good and a lot of bad ideas piling up at the imaginary pile, a couple of months ago I started exploring Apple’s iPhone SDK. So far so good. I just wanted to share some good books about iPhone development and the Objective-C language.

  1. First of all: Beginning iPhone Development by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche published by Apress.com

Guides you to the iPhone SDK and explains how developing for the iPhone differs from developing for the Mac. Because I was well aware of the abstract concepts of programming, Model View Controller, inheritance etcetera. This book was very easy to read. Even with no experience in C, Objective-C or C++.

Because some basic concepts differ from other languages I used another book as a reference while reading “Beginning iPhone Development”.

  1. That other book, also from Apress.com, is called Learn Objective-C on the Mac from Mark Dalrymple and Scott Knaster.

A perfect reference guide when you have no experience in the C-family language. And explains how certain things work in Objective-C. Very interesting is Appendix A which covers a lot of other languages such as Actionscript, php and Java and explains how a lot of things are similar but different.

Until now it has only been tutorials, reading, copy/paste and more tutorials. And as a big fan of the PureMVC framework, which was originally developed for Actionscript has now been ported to a lot of other languages including Objective-C.

Soon I’ll be posting more about PureMVC on the iPhone

Guide learn-objective-c-on-mac-mark-dalrymple-paperback-cover-artjpg