Create cli applications with pycli_tools

A python module to help create predictable command line tools

pycli_tools is a python module that wraps the ArgumentParser class from the build-in argparse module. If you use it in your command line scripts you will get some defaults options added to your application such as --verbose and --quiet to control the verbosity of your application (using the python logging module). Also there is the --config option that gives you the ability to read command line arguments from a configuration file to save users of your application a lot of typing.

You can install pycli_tools using pip. Vist the pypi page here.

$ pip install pycli_tools

Or you can clone the latest ‘bleeding edge’ version directly from github here.

$ git clone
$ cd pycli-tools
$ python install

The best way to illustrate its usefulness is by example. For an example on how to use the pycli_tools python module head over to its github page and read the file overthere.