Django 1.5+ and Django Rest Framework 3.0+ goodies

Check out the github page of djenerics at


You can use pip to install the package:

$ pip install djenerics

Then add it to the list of installed apps:


What is included?

model mixins

The following mixins are available for your model classes:


Provides `created_at` and `updated_at` fields.


Provides a `owner` field which references `settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL`

view mixins

The following mixins are available for your view classes:


Provides a class variable `select_related` that allows you to provide a
tuple or list of related models to perform a select_related on.

django-rest-framework filter backend

A custom filter backend that provides a generic filter query string parameter.

Convert a search query into a dictionary.

A search query like this one:

party: stakker is akker category:"hiha hoi"

Will be converted to a python dict:

    'category': 'hiha hoi',
    'party': None,
    'search': 'stakker is akker'

It uses a regular expression to split every token on the : separator instead of using the string.split() function. This is important to distinguish between the following use cases:

- 'party:'        => {'party': None}
- 'party:tester'  => {'party': 'tester'}
- 'party: tester' => {'search': 'party: tester'}

django-rest-framework serializer mixins

The following mixins are available for your serializer classes:


Gives your api consumers the ability to control what fields are included in
the api response using a configurable query string parameter (defaults to

E.g. a `GET /resources?_fields=name,description,count` will only return the
specified 3 fields of the `resource`.


Limit the related field options to only those records owned by the current
logged in user.